Please find below Normandy's new represantatives for MRE-related topics:

At the Regional Council of Normandy
  • Pilot :
Bruno Dumont, Director of partnerships and public Policy -
Anne-Claire Bideault, Manager of partnerships and transversal processes -
  • Coordination :
Stéphane Mazurais, MRE and maritime assignments manager -
  • Research, Development and Innovation :
Sonia Rotrou, Manager of large projects and innovation sectors -
  • Training & HR :
Sébastien Jeanne, training and industry assignment manager -
  • Ports & logistics :
Réjane Le Guillou, sectorial manager, ports, airports and logistics -
  • Europe & International :
Zoé Buyle-Bodin, RDI and Energy assignment manager -

At the Normandy Development Agency:
  • ICOE / Energy and maritime economy sectors
Amandine Volard,
  • Enterprises :
Guillaume Tricot,


Tidal Today: France declares its tidal energy potential
West Normandy Marine Energy president François Piquet and Ports of Normandy chief executive Jean Michel Sevin discuss developments at France’s foremost tidal power hub.

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