As the successful bidder of the public Call for Projects launched in July 2011, Eolien Maritime France has been tasked with the construction of the offshore wind farm planned off Fécamp.
The Consortium is composed of EDF Energies Nouvelles / Dong Energy / wpd offshore, in association with GE (Alstom) who will produce the new generation of wind turbines to be installed.

The farm will have a 67 km2 footprint, between 13 and 22 km off the Normandy coast. The boundaries of the area were designed in order not to hinder fishing activities. The wind turbines will be erected so as to limit their impact on the seascape.

There will be 83 wind turbines at the Fécamp wind farm, generating 6 MW each, for a total capacity of 498 MW. The yearly production will be 1,800 GWh, i.e. the equivalent consumption in electricity of 770,000 citizens (60% of the inhabitants of the Seine-Maritime District).

The Haliade 150 wind turbines to be installed, will be manufactured entirely in France, in the new production units built to purpose in Cherbourg and Saint-Nazaire. Once the farm is in operation, the maintenance centre will be located in the port of Fécamp.

Total project cost should reach 2 billion euros. The blades of the first turbines should start rotating as of 2018 for approximately 30 years.
13 to 22 km of the coast / footprint 67 km2
83 wind turbines
498 MW total capacity
Project run by EDF Energies Nouvelles / Dong Energy / wpd offshore
Haliade 150 wind turbines - GE (Alstom)
2015 > Public inquiry
2016 > Beginning of farm construction
2018-2020 > Progressive commissioning
2020-2050 > Farm operation
2050 > Dismantling and site restoration

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> Download dossier de présentation du projet.


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