The Normandy Ecosystem


  • The involvement of Local Authorities
As soon as the French offshore wind programme was launched in 2011-2012, the Local Authorities lobbied for implementation in their geographic area. The Basse-Normandie Regional Council, the Council of Manche Department and the Cherbourg Urban Community entrusted that lobbying taks to WNME.

Many other public stakeholders also became involved, offering their support for the development of MRE projects: Chambers of Commerce and Industry, economic development agencies, local job centres and vocational traininf agencies,etc.
  • Companies able to drive major energy projects
A number of major energy industry learders are based in Normandy (EDF, AREVA), as are a number of shipyards and an extensive network of qualified industrial sub-contractors.

Normandy therefore already has the know-how and the concrete means to support MRE development projects (engineering studies, supply chain, operation, etc.) with the backing of an available organised network of businesses.
  • Scientific and technical expertis
A high number of research laboratories and technical centres directly involved in MREs or in transferable specialties (marine environment, coastal environment, materials, etc.) are based in Normandy.

Since 2014, the MRE Research and Innovation Network has grouped together 21 Normand research and innovation entities to enhance cooperation and collaborative projects in marine energies.
It is supported by GREENMAR, an academic research group, instigated to study the location and environmental impact of MREs, energy production and storage, polymer and composite materials, as well as the new biocide and anti-corrosion agents.
  • Proper training 
In addition to the many well targeted training schemes offered on MREs, there is a training campus - campus des métiers et des qualifications de l’industrie des énergies Cotentin-Normandie, that brings together Norman vocational training establishments (colleges, higher education institutions, centres for apprenticeship, continuous education, etc.). The role of this campus is to adapt the training syllabus to the needs expressed by industries and to attract young people to these jobs.

A scheme for Job and Training actions was designed by WNME's Technical Committee for Training & Human Resources to anticipate what skills and training needs will be required by the MRE sector.

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