The successful bidder of the second public procurement tender by the French government launched in March 2013, was Eoliennes en mer Dieppe-Le Tréport, now tasked with driving the Dieppe-Le Tréport offshore wind farm project. The Consortium groups Engie, EDP Renewables and Neoen Marine is supported by ADWEN (Areva), their industrial partner manufacturing the wind turbines.

The farm will be installed 16 km off the Dieppe coast and 15 km off Le Tréport, with a total footprint of 91.5 km2.

There will be 62 wind turbines of 8 MW each, for a total capacity of 496 MW. The expected power generated each year will be 2,000 GWh, i.e. the annual consumption in electricity of 850,000 inhabitants.

Four production units will be built in Le Havre to manufacture the ADWEN wind turbines; these will be installed between the Yeu and Noirmoutier Islands and off Saint-Brieuc.  Two other production units will be involved to produce towers, one in Le Havre and one in Dunkirk.

The farm’s maintenance will be done through a main base centre to be set up in the port of Dieppe and a secondary one in Le Tréport. .

Total project cost should reach 2 billion euros.  The plan is to operate the farm during 20 to 25 years, before it is dismantled*.
15 to 16 km off the coast / footprint 91.5 km2
62 wind turbines
496 MW total capacity
Project run by GDF Suez/EDP Renewables and Neoen Marine
Eolienne Adwen (Areva)
2017 > Public inquiry
2018 > Beginning of farm construction
2021 > Beginning of farm operation
2041 > Dismantling and site restoration

> For more information visit: télécharger le dossier du maître d’ouvrage.

* Sources : Eoliennes en mer Dieppe - Le Tréport / dossier du maître d'ouvrage


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