As early as 2013, WNME set up three technical committees to assist in the build-up of the MRE industrial sector in Normandy.
  • The Technical Committee for Industry & Sub-Contracting
Its role is to support the thriving of the nascent MRE industry's regional potential so that local businesses will benefit from the economic spinoffs.

It facilites contacts between sub-contractors and the industrial firms that drive the offshore wind and tidal energy farms. To accomplish this, it relies on trade associations (AISCO, SOTRABAN, FCLBN), ont the Chambers of Commerce and Industry network as well as on local economic development agencies.
  • The Technical Committee for Research & Innovation
Its role is to foster a dynamic research drive between industries, Higher Education and Research Establishments, and Technical Centres and Centres for Technological Transfer.

The aim is to bring forward collaborative research and innovation projects and to demonstrate the R&D skills available in Normandy in MREs.

Its action has already contributed  to the establisment of GREENMAR, Groupe de REcherche sur les Energies Marines Renouvelables, i.e. a Research Group on Marine Renewable Energies. More specifically, this academic research group provides support for the MRE Research and Innovation Network, a network comprising 21 Norman establisments.
It has also collated a Directory listing local research skills (annuaire des compétences de recherche locales).
  • The Technical Committee for Training & Human Resources
Under the leadership of the Normandy Region Training and Apprenticeship Departments and State, the committee analyses and  anticipates on needs in expertise required by the various projects and the MRE industry in Normandy. The Committee also researches the answer to fulfil these needs.

Its action has provided an action scheme for employment and vocational training that inventories the needs in jobs and skills, identifies and adapts vocational training, implements a social inclusion agenda, researches potential transfer of skills, and secures career paths.

Partnering with the Agency for Employment and Vocational Training in Cotentin (MEF du Cotentin) and with  Cherbourg's Technopole, the Technical Committee contributed to the production of a Directory listing Jobs and Training Courses (annuaire des métiers et des formations).

All these actions have been made possible thanks to the involvement and the time spent by employment and vocational  training stakeholders, who have rallied around the Committee.


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