WNME's missions


  • Encourage initiation and implementation of projects throughout Normandy
WNME is present on the national, European and International scenes, working with the French Government on the growth of a French market for marine renewable energies.
Its action contributed to the launch of a Call for Expression of Interest to build pilot tidal turbine arrays off the French coast. This then led in May 2014, to the scheduling of two projects for experimental farms off the Cotentin tip.

WNME also organises activities promoting Normandy and its assets; it initiates and develops links with industrial firms involved in a number of offshore wind or tidal energy farms. 

WNME lobbies for Normandy with a number of European networks. For example, it leads a working group on regulartory framework for the European Commission's Ocean Energy Forum.
  • Support the rise and development of this industry
WNME is the privileged contact point for all of Normandy's Marine Renewable Energy stakeholders: institutions, business, research laboratories, vocational training agencies, ports,...

TO be one step ahead of the industrial firms driving the offshore wind and tidal farm projects, and to answer their needs, WNME helps business set up in the appropriate port zones and supports them through financial engineering. It has established a network of local sub-contracting firms and supports the development of human skills and know-how at regional level.

WNME works along side research laboratories, seeking to overcome technological hurdles and improve machine performances. Also, along with Scottish and Canadiant teams, it facilitates a platform developing tidal turbine testing grounds.

WNME holds a membership in the following:

Cluster Maritime Français (French Maritime Cluster)
France Energie Eolienne
Syndicat des Energies Renouvelables (Syndicate for Renewable Energies)
Ocean Energy Association


Tidal Today: France declares its tidal energy potential
West Normandy Marine Energy president François Piquet and Ports of Normandy chief executive Jean Michel Sevin discuss developments at France’s foremost tidal power hub.

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